Cyclone Series HVLS Fans

CYCLONE Series HVLS Ceiling Fan Specification

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Diameters 3 meter, 4 meter, 4.8 meter, 5.4 meter, 6 meter, 7.2 meter, 8 meter
Blades Material Stainless Steel / Wood
Blades Finish Mill-Finish standard, Anodized Coated, Wood Panel
#Of Blades 4-6
Motors 1.5 Hp – 4.0 Hp
Voltages 220, 380
Phase 1 or 3
Amps 1.5A – 5A @220/480V
Frequency 50 Hz
Coverage Up to 1600 sqm ft 85′ from the fan’s center in all directions
Decibels < 40 to 60 dB depending on fan speed (measured 6 m below and 6 m) from the fan’s center
Air Speed Up to 7 mph at full speed
Control Inverter and 7″ Touch Screen Monitor
Mounting Heights 3 m to 15 m form finished floor to bottom of blade
Weights 77 – 195 Kg

HVLS Fans Slowly circulate a large amount of air in a very large space. Air is pulled from above the fan and pushed down in a conical shape the floor below. air travels in this cone shape until it hits the floor and then moves in a horizontal stream away from the diameter of the fan.


  • High – quality precision motor
  • The world brand inverter control system
  • Automatic fault alarm device
  • Anti fall safety device linkage
  • The shaft locking device disk
  • The blade anti-fracture protection device