GIANT BLADE Energy Saving Fan

Product advantages: High air volume, low speed, three-dimensional natural breeze. In industrial workshop or warehouse use, people can feel 5 ~ 8 degrees temperature decrease. Every fan max power consumption is only 1.1 – 3 KW, covering area is up to 2000 square meters. It’s the most direct and efficient products for tall and large space ventilation and cooling, Japan made components.
Cost Performance: low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, low noise, dehumidification, lifetime is over 15 years. Three years service & Part Warranty.

Outstanding Features:
1. Solve the actual problems of cooling people and plant ventilation
2, High energy efficiency
3, Artistic, neat and easy to management
4. Easy to operate, save space
5. safe and reliable, stable operation and free maintenance
6. At present is already a standard  products for plant ventilation and cooling

CYCLONE – Revolutionary HVLS Design
– Stainless Steel Mirror Polish Fan Propeller, or Alumunium Alloy Wood Finish Propeller
– Compact and light weight structure – Smaller power consumption
– Bigger Torque
– Higher Rotation Speed, More Air Volume Moving
– Roof hang or Standing Floor with Steel Colum Support Model
– Maintenance Free For 5 Years (No Grease or Oil Replacement for 5 Years)

*Energy – Saving Fact
The coverage area of an GIANT BLADE  with diameter of 7.2 m equals to that of 50 small sized impeller 0.75 m fan. For example, in a 9,000 square meter factory, the overall coverage of the factory requires 300 small size fans @0,36 kw at least, while only 6 industrial energy-saving fans of GIANT BLADE  @1,5 kw. Could solve the problem. Assume the operation of 10,000 hours, the cost will be 90,000 kw electric power for GIANT BLADE,  but 1,080,000 kw electric power for small sized impeller fan, which means it could save 990,000 kw electric power (92%).